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The Grow Philosophy

Whether you want a completely new garden design, an update of an existing garden, or simply a consultation/coaching session, GROW Edible Landscape Design is available to assist you.  By implementing Permaculture based design practices we can help your garden to not only be beautiful, but also productive, regenerative and sustainable.

What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is an organic gardening practice that works with nature. By focusing on existing landscape patterns, it helps to create a self sustaining, closed loop system. 
Permaculture utilizes native trees, perennial (returns every year) and annual plants, as well as shrubs, bulbs and ground covers.  Each layer works to nourish and benefit one another.
Once in place, a permaculture garden is low-maintenance, produces an abundance food, builds soil health, conserves water and provides wildlife habitat.  
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